August 30, 2019 Posted by indianaparkinson@admn,

Martin Allain

Indiana Parkinson’s Foundation has been a true growth process for me since my diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. My first experience was my wife calling to find out what she could learn about my diagnosis. She was so pleased with the call back and the caring she felt. I followed up and received the same caring. I attended the 5K run and saw a wonderful well organized event.

Then came “The Climb” and a true learning experience. Love, respect and dignity are essential in a positive health care environment and this is what exists at the meetings of “The Climb”. Each instructor and member show individual respect to all. I have been involved in healthcare and community service for many years and have felt more caring and listening than any other group I have observed or participated in. Parkinson’s is unique to each of us and the time taken to recognize this and follow up with each individual is remarkable. I look forward to each meeting and have seen much personal growth because the exercises we do are specific to learning how to manage our bodies. I wish to thank all involved, instructors and members for the special environment that is created each day allowing me to go forward with my personal challenges with Parkinson’s. I, also, believe that each person who participates in “The Climb” feels the same.

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