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PD SELF (Self-Efficacy Learning Forum) is an innovative disease management program created in 2013 by Diane Cook as the result of a clinical trial sponsored by the Colorado Neurological Institute. It is an eight-module program that helps people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s master the management of their disease and retain the best possible quality of life. It provides the motivation, information, skills, behaviors and philosophical construct to achieve these goals.

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The Environment and Parkinson’s disease – what’s the connection

From American Parkinson Disease Assoication Newsletter – August 17, 2020
People want to know about the causes of Parkinson’s disease (PD), and they often ask specifically about possible connections between the environment and PD. Could there be something in the air that can lead to the disease? Are their pesticides, pollutants or other harmful chemicals that cause people to develop PD? Does it matter if you live in an urban or rural setting?

The connection between the environment and PD is a complicated subject. To help better understand the science behind this topic we have gathered some useful APDA resources that highlight the current thinking on this matter and hopefully answer some of your questions.

Pesticides and PD: Dr. Rebecca Gilbert delves into the topic of pesticides and other environmental concerns that might increase risk of PD. She discusses rural living, specific pesticides, other pollutants, veterans exposure to pesticides, and more.

Genes and Environmental Factors: Check out this interesting presentation about genes and the environment and how they interact to potentially cause PD. Dr. Beate Ritz from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles talks about the data she has uncovered and her research on this topic.

Military exposure to pesticides: Veterans may be at an increased risk of PD because of their service. Evidence suggests that one cause of PD may be exposure to pesticides or herbicides (i.e. Agent Orange). This booklet explains that connection, provides information about PD and its treatments, as well as the benefits available to veterans of the United States armed services who have PD.

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