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Intro to PD101

Stess and Anxiety in Parkinson’s

Stress and anxiety can be difficult to manage for anyone, but when it comes alongside Parkinson’s disease everything is exacerbated. It is important to understand what happens physically when you are feeling stress or anxiety to manage these feelings.
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When Falls Happen

Falls are a serious risk factor for injury in older adults and those with Parkinson’s are at a higher risk for falling than others. Although we never want it to happen, we need to be prepared.
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Do you want to support the Indiana Parkinson Foundation and save on your taxes?

  • Are you over 70.5 and have an IRA? If so, you can likely donate up to $100k out of your IRA and pay no taxes on the distribution. It is called a qualified charitable donation (QCD). We know the RMD age is now 72 but 70.5 remains the age for this opportunity. Qualified Charitable Donations also can satisfy all or part of your Required Minimum Distributions. Check with your financial advisor and /or tax preparer for more details on the benefits.
  • Do you have stocks, bonds, ETF’s, or mutual funds you would like to avoid paying capital gains on? You can transfer those right to our brokerage account as a donation. There are no capital gains for you and as a nonprofit we do not have to pay them either. If the amount you are donating is over the standard deduction, you may save even more on your taxes.
  • Did you donate to us in 2021? If so, there is a special tax deduction that does not require you to itemize. The limit was $300 for individuals and $600 for couples. Make sure to let your tax preparer know you supported us!

If you have more questions on these ways to save on taxes and support our foundation but do not have an advisor or tax adviser, we can connect you to someone who can discuss it with you.


Do you know the difference between palliative and hospice care? Often, people are confused about these types of care. Paradigm Health describes the two types of care as follows:

Palliative medicine is specialized medical care provided in combination with curative treatment of serious illness. Palliative services are provided to patient in whatever setting they call home. It addresses symptoms and care management.

Hospice care concentrates on alleviating symptoms, pain and stress that come from a serious illness.

Also provided here are additional resources on these types of care. To reach Paradigm directly please call 317-753-6001. You can also visit their website at MYPARADIGMHEALTH.COM.

To learn more about the difference between Palliative and Hospice care, click download informational document.

Do you have questions about Palliative Care? Click to download document that addresses Palliative Care Questions.

Upcoming Special Events

2025 Choose to Move Race April 26, 2025

Help us help Hoosiers with Parkinson's today!

Location: Fishers, IN
1 mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon

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Parkinson’s Exercise Videos


The Indiana Parkinson Foundation is committed to giving people with Parkinson's disease their lives back through active engagement in The CLIMB.