Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists can help you to continue doing the things that you want to do and need to do that are meaningful to you. Occupations are considered as activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), work, school, education, leisure, rest and sleep, and play. Occupational therapists can help you to be independent in all of these areas of occupations through different techniques, modifications or adaptations, or changing the environment in which they are done. Activities of daily living are things such as dressing, eating, and bathing and instrumental activities of daily living are things such as driving, grocery shopping, managing medications, or paying bills. Occupational therapists are also skilled in providing home assessments/evaluations for home safety to help reduce risks of falls. Some home safety tips are listed below.

Home Safety:

  • Make sure to keep rooms well-lit and use nightlights in hallways and bathrooms when getting up at night.
  • Remove throw rugs to prevent tripping on them.
  • Remove any clutter that would get in the way of moving around your home
  • Remove all rolling or wheeled chairs and only use stationary chairs.
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom next to the toilet, outside and inside the shower; do not use the suction cup grab bars inside the shower/tub because they can come off easily when using them for support.
  • Install handrails anywhere there are stairs; entering/exiting the home, in the garage, or to the second story or to the basement.

Resources for Adaptive Equipment

Good Samaritan Network

Rehab Equipment Link: https://www.gsnlive.org/rehab-equipment-link
They provide equipment rentals to Hamilton County Residents and have an online application to fill out in order to rent items.
Located: 865 Westfield Rd., Suite C
Noblesville, IN 46062
Phone: 317-219-8613

Easter Seals Crossroads INDATA Project:

Loan Link: https://www.indata.at4all.com/welcome.aspx
They loan adaptive equipment out to those who need items. The link provided will take you to their online catalog where you can browse or search for items that they have available for loan.
Located: 4740 Kingsway Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: 317-466-2013 or 888-466-1314

Resources for Home Modifications/Installations:


Provides residents of Marion County who are 60 years or older and who own their home with home modifications. They will complete some home modifications outside of Marion County and are a great resource to check out. Website here: https://cicoa.org/services/home-accessibility-modifications/
Phone: (317) 803-6131 or (800) 432-2422

USDA Rural Development

Provides home modifications to Hamilton and Hancock counties for individuals who are 62 years or older. Here is their website: www.rd.esda.gov/in
Located: 3641 N. Briarwood Ln.
Muncie, IN 467304
Phone: (765) 747-5531, ext. 4

Easter Seals Crossroads

Provides home modification evaluations and more information can be found on their website here: https://www.eastersealscrossroads.org/services/family-services/home-modification-services/
Located: 4740 Kingsway Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: (317) 466-1000

Hand, inc

Provides Home repairs and modifications to Hamilton County residents. More information can be found on their website here: https://www.handincorporated.org/hand-rental-properties/helping-hands/
Located: 347 S. 8th Street, Suite A
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone:(317) 674-8108
Contact: Rebekah Wood
Email: rebekah@handincorporated.org

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Big Program:

The LSVT Big program was developed to train people with Parkinson Disease how to use their bodies more normally. It can help someone with PD regardless of your stage or severity of your condition. It is important to find an occupational or physical therapist that is certified in the LSVT Big program to better help you with your symptoms of PD. To find a certified therapist in your area you can follow this link search: https://www.lsvtglobal.com/LSVTFindClinicians

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