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Welcome to The Indiana Parkinson Foundation! Whether you are newly diagnosed or you have been living with Parkinson’s for many years, a caregiver or just looking for a place to serve, the Indiana Parkinson Foundation is committed to serving you. Learn more about each of our programs, ways to connect and get involved.


Exercise Programs: CLIMB & iCLIMB

CLIMB: Indiana Parkinson Foundation is committed to giving people with Parkinson’s disease their lives back through active engagement in The CLIMB. The CLIMB exercise program allows opportunity for physical recovery and prevention, and leaves room for reflection and connection to renew people with Parkinson’s disease for the work and pressures of their daily lives. Our talented trainers, helpers and volunteers provide a welcoming, caring and relaxed atmosphere. It is a place for people with Parkinson’s disease to mentally, physically and spiritually fight the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

iCLIMB: iCLIMB is a professional subscription-based virtual CLIMB program providing a variety of exercise focuses for those with Parkinson’s Disease produced by talented professional trainers. iCLIMB will be offered for $1.99 / month or $24.00 / year (after 7-day free trial). Get signed up today and start your CLIMB!

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Our program is evidence-based and rooted in practice. Physical activity has been advocated for as an adjunct intervention for individuals with PD for years. This is rooted in practice from numerous publications spanning a few decades. IPF has then expanded upon this with partners at multiple R1 research institutions to yield evidence-based results on the benefits of our physical intervention protocols as they relate to Parkinson’s disease (PD), its symptoms, and its stages.


Support Groups:

Support is a critical part of dealing with the deficiencies of Parkinson’s Disease. Whether you are someone living with Parkinson’s Disease, a caregiver or family member or simply want to learn more, find a support group today and get connected. We offer both in-person and virtual support group options. Don’t do Parkinson’s alone, we are here to walk alongside you!

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Educational Resources:

Are you in need of some Parkinson’s resources? We have a cohesive list of different resources that will help you find a professional in areas of need.

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Upcoming Events:

IPF is committed to bringing education and awareness on Parkinson’s Disease. Throughout the year, we have several events offered in-person and virtually for you to join including our educational series and Choose to Move Race to name a few.

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Our People

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Addie Cunningham

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Barry Green

Hello, I am Barry Green. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 8 years ago. Shortly after that I heard about the CLIMB from my wife, Harriet, but I already belonged to the YMCA and figured I really didn’t need to join another organization just to exercise. I could do it on my own. However, I found out I wasn;t committed to doing it on a regular basis so I joined the CLIMB 5 years ago. I started out going 1x a week and that was not enough so I started 2 days a week and now I am going 4-5xs a… Read more “Barry Green”

Barry Green

Harold Wellman

I had felt worn out and crappy all day, but I forced myself to attend The CLIMB today. When I arrived I wasn’t sure I would make it through class. But I toughed it out and began to feel better. I got to talk to one friend I have made since I have been attending, and I made a new friend from class out in the parking lot on the way out of the building. I’m slowly learning that good things can happen if I just “show up” for life. Thanks so much for providing The CLIMB for all of… Read more “Harold Wellman”

Harold Wellman

Larry Smith

The CLIMB offers everything from weight training and posture therapy to yoga and speech therapy – a true balance of activities. Larry Smith attends regularly with his wife, Earletta, who has Parkinson’s. “I can’t say enough about how this has benefitted her,” he said. “She takes medication as well, of course, but there’s something about The CLIMB that’s more than medicine. It’s a wonderful outlet for those who are living with… Read more “Larry Smith”

Larry and Earletta Smith

Martin Allain

Indiana Parkinson’s Foundation has been a true growth process for me since my diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. My first experience was my wife calling to find out what she could learn about my diagnosis. She was so pleased with the call back and the caring she felt. I followed up and received the same caring. I attended the 5K run and saw a wonderful well organized event. Then came “The Climb” and a true learning experience. Love, respect and dignity are essential in a positive health care environment and this is what exists at the meetings of “The Climb”. Each… Read more “Martin Allain”

Martin Allain

Upcoming Special Events

2025 Choose to Move Race April 26, 2025

Help us help Hoosiers with Parkinson's today!

Location: Fishers, IN
1 mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon

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The Indiana Parkinson Foundation is committed to giving people with Parkinson's disease their lives back through active engagement in The CLIMB.