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A Good Man

Born on this day, December 12, 1931, in a house near some trees at 69 and Greenfield Avenue.

Moved to a log cabin near the amphitheater entrance.

He was the second boy and fifth of eleven children.

As a child he got Scarlet Fever, which led to a kidney infection, that nearly took his life.

Very inquisitive as a boy. Wandered if the lights would go out if he stuck his head in a milk can.

Grew up on a farm which back then, included, milking cows, sows and pigs, chickens, and goats.

Loved going to church and singing. So much the others called him “Church mouse”.

He sang in a quartet in high school that won many awards, but got beat out by a talking rabbit at the state fair.

He married the cousin of the girl down the road and had three kids of his own, two boys and a girl.

He continued to farm and was president of the county chapter of the National Farmers Organization. Sang National Anthem at NFO convention in DeMoine, Iowa.

Saved a family from an explosion and fire in their house across the road from where he lived.

Served in the church as a Sunday school teacher, SS Superintendent, choir member, and building chairman.

He was PTO president at Durbin school and drove a school bus there.

He hosted a TV show titled “Farm Perspective” on Channel 40.

He shared his faith with everyone he met, including me, and especially those lesser accepted in society.

He was loved by kids.

He helped countless people, many of which never knew him.

He passed away November 5, 1991. He was 59 years old.

He is my father, what an example to have to relate to my Heavenly Father!

He was an ordinary man that God used to do extraordinary things.

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