May 05, 2020 Posted by Chuck Tobar, Board Member - Indiana Parkinson Foundation BlogGiving TuesdayGratefulness


Gratitude is always a good play

Gratitude is making a curtain-call these days as we begin to weaken the death grip that the corono-virus has on our world. The use of the term “world” is intentional as we are raising up out of the collective fog that has enveloped our world over the last 30 days. Yes, 30 days. That’s it. Not much more than that.

What has made time fly as we’ve fought off the insidious grasp of this disease? To me, it has been the life-saving efforts of our healthcare workers and the supporting cast of quiet heroes like the truck drivers, our educators and our small businesses. It is probably safe to say that without these quiet saviors, we would be in no position in most of our states to be talking about flattening the curve.

We have not been sitting back waiting for someone else to disinfect every single chair in every single restaurant in every single city in every single state. And for that we offer our gratitude and thank those on the front lines who are clearly risking their health and the health of their loved ones – all to help a stranger navigate the turbulent waters of a virus breakout.
Please look for an opportunity today to virtually hug a stranger while maintaining the appropriate socially distancing guidelines. Gratitude never goes away.

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