May 01, 2020 Posted by Amy Shankland, Grant Writer for Indiana Parkinson Foundation BlogGratefulness

Grateful Amid Global Crisis

I’m grateful for so much during this global crisis – it’s hard to stay within my word limit! Instead, I’ll list the top six blessings I’ve witnessed.

  • The caring, hard-working staff members at my mother’s assisted living facility who are bravely watching out for their residents to keep them safe and healthy.
  • All of the essential workers risking much to keep the world going.
  • The giving spirit of millions of people – young, old, and in between – from all over this earth.
  • The hundreds of foundations working to help non-profits in new and different ways.
  • Funny videos, memes, pictures, quotes, etc. that lift our spirits each and every day! Hard times are better with a good dose of humor.
  • Witnessing that Easter and other religious events are still happening and touching the hearts of so many.

We CAN and WILL get through this. In the immortal words of Dory, “Just keep swimming!”

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