August 30, 2019 Posted by indianaparkinson@admn,

Barry Green

Hello, I am Barry Green. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 8 years ago. Shortly after that I heard about the CLIMB from my wife, Harriet, but I already belonged to the YMCA and figured I really didn’t need to join another organization just to exercise. I could do it on my own. However, I found out I wasn;t committed to doing it on a regular basis so I joined the CLIMB 5 years ago.

I started out going 1x a week and that was not enough so I started 2 days a week and now I am going 4-5xs a week. Attending the daily workout sessions has helped develop a regualar routine that I can stick with.

I have noticed that is helps my muscles t stay looser and I am able to move around easier with less stiffness and pain plus it keeps me mentally alert. Being a CLIMBER has allowed me to develop relationships with others with the same issues. It is like a family sharing concerns, suggestions and encouraging one another as we exercise together.

Our instructors are Kim, Andy and deb who are a blessing to us. They are truly sincere and dedicated individuals who encourage us. They push us to do a little more and instruct how to do the exercises properly. They schedule outside guest speakers who share new ideas, information and keep us up to date and well educated on things we can do or not do.

I feel that for me being at the CLIMB has really helped me physically and mentally understand what is going on with my health status with my body. It has enabled me to deal with Parkinson’s and move positively forward enjoying getting the most out of my life. After each session my body is tired, but I feel better. I could only imagine how I would feel and what status my body would be in had I not joined the CLIMB. At this point in my life, other than prayers, it has been the best decision I made to help me fight back against Parkinson’s.

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