August 03, 2020 Posted by Kim Williams, Director of IPF BlogChoose To MoveParinson's ExerciseParkinson's Disease

How I Choose to Move

I like routines, so each morning starts the same. I get up feed the dogs, make my coffee, and have my coffee with Jesus time. After the caffeine has kicked in, I am ready to move. Some days I enjoy a quiet run by myself. Just me and the outdoors. Some runs are easier than others, but I know that if I get passed mile one, I am good for 5.

Other days I am in the mood to workout with others. On these days I get up and head out for a class at Orange Theory. These workouts give me cardio, strength, and a bit of social interaction. The instructors are great motivators and so is the music! I love the playlists that they have going throughout the class. It is such an invigorating atmosphere.

Throughout the week I try to get 2 of these into my routine. Although they are different, they both give me what I need: my heart pounding, my body moving and my endorphins flowing. Some days are harder to get out of bed, but I know once I lace up my shoes and workout, my day is better.

Workouts are a part of my routine and a part of who I am. I have not always been so good about my diet and exercise, but now I know how good I feel when I workout regularly and eat right. So, if you have not started an exercise routine, find something you enjoy and do it! Not sure what is right for you? Talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.