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Tiffany Anderson
$14,395 of $15,000

Time to show up for our Tiffany. Tiff is such an amazing woman and she is not letting PD win. Let’s make Parkinson’s Foundation be shocked with the support and commitment we have for a family member and a great friend. So please sign up to participate, volunteer, sponsor, or donate. Like the great Jerry McGuire movie quote, “Show me the money!” Don’t make me hunt you down and call you out!

Andrew Bowman
$110 of $1000

Because Parkinson's affects more than just 1 person, Megan, Hudson and I choose to not only run but combine our efforts to raise money to support the Indiana Parkinson's Foundation. Funds raised go to help support an organization that provides resources, training, and education for anyone affected by Parkinson's. Parkinson's has impacted our family for almost 10 years. With new research and resource opportunities, our family has found ways to better understand and support our loved ones while also learning ways to combat and take back our lives through education, support groups, medical advances, and top neurologists/specialists. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000 to help support the work of the Indiana Parkinson's Foundation so they can continue to help families like ours. We choose to move for my dad, Dennis Bowman. We love you and we are excited to support this foundation in your honor.

Sabrina Paxton
$100 of $500

My dad battled a Parkinson’s like disease from 2017-2019. He loved classic cars and he loved running. One of his favorites was a 1947 Packard with the hood ornament of “the goddess of speed”, or “the flying lady”. I wear this badge on my arm and run this race in honor of him and I “Choose to Move”. We miss you every day and love you dad!!

Christie Freeze
$30 of $500

Every 9 minutes, someone is diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Together, we can raise awareness of this disease and the support, education, and exercise resources available to families navigating this journey. It's inevitable that you know someone with PD, or will in the next year- please join us as we continue to spread the word about what is within reach for these families
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