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Tiffany Anderson "Tiffy Trotters"
$2,610 of $30,000

As most of you know that Tiffany was diagnosed in 2021 with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Tiffany has been working hard to raise awareness for PD and needs your help. We know that Indiana Parkinson Foundation is one of the cornerstones to providing education and resources to medical staff, caregivers and people that have PD. As Tiff’s husband, I am committed to helping her everyday to continue to live this blessed life we have together. I need all our family and friends again this to participate and donate. We want 150 Tiffy Trotters on April 27th, 2024 and lets set a new record of $30,000 raised in her behalf. We truly love each and everyone of you and thank you in advance! LETS GO!!!!! Mike Anderson

Shelly & Chuck Hirschinger - Guardians Of The Gait
$1,698 of $2,000

Never Give Up, Never Surrender! Hello all, It's a long hard road in the fight against Parkinson's. A diagnosis my family never expected to hear, but we did! My husband, Chuck, his sister, Carole and our very good friend, Jen and millions of others have all been diagnosed with Parkinson's. We believe that with hard work, education, dedication, science and a little luck that this disease can be beaten! We would love for you to join our family and team - Guardians Of The Gait on April 27th for the Choose to Move Parkinson's walk (Indiana Parkinson's Foundation) in Fishers, IN at Witten Park. You can join our team by clicking here: - Make sure to join under our team when it asks you! We are also doing a fundraiser to raise a minimum of $2000.00 If you would like, please donate under our team name by Clicking the donate button in the upper right. We so appreciate all of your love and support and we can attest that the Choose to Move walk is just a barrel of fun! People helping others to LIVE a better life! We look forward to seeing you there! And, remember - Never Give Up, Never Surrender! Love, the Hirschinger Family

Joe Reek
$1,650 of $1,000

Dear Friends, Approximately 8 plus years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson. I didn't give it much thought. That was until I attended some work out classes for fellow Parkinson victims that I could help make a difference. I've been blessed in that my Parkinson is limited to just my right arm. Others are not as fortunate. It was a few years ago I put together a fund raiser by having a concert in my back yard. I learned that I was very blessed to have a large group of friends who donated for the Cure of Parkinson. We were able to raise $14K. I'm reaching out again for the upcoming Choose to Move Walk this April 27th. Mark it down on your calendar. I would be grateful for your donation to this upcoming event. Sincerely, Joe

Waterman Warriors
$1,000 of $1,000

In 2008, a Hamilton County farmer, Don Waterman (my dad), received the news of his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease. As his family rallied around him in prayer and support, they quickly felt a calling from God to do something; and that something resulted in the formation of the Indiana Parkinson Foundation (IPF). In February 2009, IPF became an official 501(c)3 organization, and the journey began. IPF is committed to helping those with Parkinsons and their families by providing valuable programs and resources such as exercise, support and education, meeting them physically, mentally and spiritually. Give towards Waterman Warriors to help support the mission of IPF.

Carol's Champions
$725 of $1,000

Remembering Carol Linville Carol Linville was a loving mother, wife, teacher and grandmother. She was married for 64 years to Gerald (Jerry) Linville. She loved to cook, read, do puzzles, shop on QVC and eat chocolate. She passed away in October 2023, a day shy of her 86th birthday due to complications with Parkinson's disease. Her family misses her dearly and is excited to participate in the Indiana Parkinson Foundation Choose to Move Race in her honor.

Jennifer & Rob Joyce's Team: Not Today! PD
$693 of $2,000

So, it has been a year since I have shared my story and admitted that I have Parkinson’s Disease. It has been the best decision because it enabled me to meet so many fellow PD patients as well as caregivers and supporters of sufferers of this dreaded illness. Letting the light shine on the symptoms and side effects of the disease will help the scientist find a cure. Sharing also brings together a community that is not willing to let PD win. You are not alone. Please join our team. “Someday you won’’t be able to do this, Today’s not that day.” (Dane Rauschenberg)

Brenda Rothauser
$635 of $650

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. A receipt will be sent to you after the event.

Kylee Pagan
$395 of $500

Keeps Me Moving
Come run/walk with me, virtually or in person, to help raise awareness and educate millions more on Parkinson’s Disease. I was diagnosed at the age of 39, it’s a lifelong disease for me, no quitters here! Movement is a primary need to maintain daily living needs and skills. Come move with me and hundreds others, let’s move Parkinson’s Disease to the tail end of all races! All proceeds I earn will be donating to Rock Steady Boxing, a phenomenal program helping those move with Parkinson’s Disease world wide! Thank you for your support and contributions.

Bill Schuckman
$330 of $500

Having family members that struggle with Parkinson's Disease, I have seen first hand the difficulties that come along with this disease. Please consider donating to this amazing cause to help fund the Race to Beat Parkinson's Disease!!!

Coach Clod Squad

We love you, Coach Clod! All donations are 100% tax-deductible. A receipt will be sent to you after the event.

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