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Choose to Move Referral Refund ProgramLooking for a way to reduce the cost of your registration?  The referral refund program is for you! Here is how it works: Once registered for the event, you will automatically be given a unique referral code that will credit you as the referrer any time a user registers because of your referral.  Here is how it works: When the 5th person registers using your referral code, $10 will be refunded from your registration cost, not to exceed the cost of your registration (fees, donations, coupon codes do not qualify for refund).

Locating your personal referral code

There are three main locations you can find your referral code

1. Within your confirmation email

2. Within your RunSignUp profile

3. Within the confirmation page following registration

Locating your referral code from your confirmation email

Within your confirmation email, you will be able to find your referral code/link to share.

Locating your referral code from your RunSignUp Profile

From your RunSignUp profile, you can access your referral code by scrolling down to the bottom of your profile and select “My Referrals” under the Runner Links section.  

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