November 18, 2021 Posted by Kim Williams, Director of IPF Blog

Thankful for The CLIMB

The Indiana Parkinson Foundation serves so many families and sometimes the stories are very sensitive. Today’s story comes from an amazing woman who would like to remain anonymous for this reason.

My step-daughter’s maternal grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. Initially it was merely a medical diagnosis. Over time, his tremors worsened. His speech changed drastically, especially after being a successful attorney for 50+ years, established author and eloquent public speaker.

He had Deep Brain Stimulation this last spring. I’m unsure if it has been successful, as his immediate family members have yet to come to terms that it didn’t “fix” him the way they thought it would. They wanted the same person back and he will never be the same.

They would benefit greatly from the programs offered through IPF. The Caregiver Support Group could help them learn to accept the changes and assist in his slow progress. The CLIMB would provide him with a network of similar people fighting alongside for recovery and prevention. These resources continue to be there for them and I HOPE one day they decide to use them before it is too late.

IPF’s staff continues to be a phenomenal support system and they truly care about each individual and family they come into contact with. I’m grateful to have IPF as a resource for my extended family and so many others who will need IPF in the future.



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