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Straight From the Heart

As we begin our giving season, the Indiana Parkinson Foundation will take you on a journey from where we began, where we are now and where we are going. So please follow us as we share our history.

Today’s post comes from Addie Cunningham, our Program Director. She is also a part of the founding family of IPF. Enjoy this beautiful piece straight from her heart.

I’ll never forget

There are moments in life that are defining and these defining moments will never leave you. Here’s my story:

I’ll never forget when the Lord urged me to do something after news of my dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis.

I’ll never forget the moment that I realized that “that something” was starting the Indiana Parkinson Foundation and within 6 weeks we were a 501c3 organization

I’ll never forget our very first Board meeting in my living room made up of family members and we prayed “Father, your will be done.” We prayed for a cure, we prayed for those who we would reach, we prayed for you.

I’ll never forget when the idea of the CLIMB was birthed and my dad called me up one day after farming and said, “Addie, you have to listen to this song, it’s perfect and I think the name of our program is The CLIMB”

I’ll never forget the first ever CLIMB class held at our church on Saturday morning. We wondered if anyone would show up and sure enough the people started flowing in and lives started changing.

I’ll never forget when word of The CLIMB got out and people wanted the program in their area and the Greenwood CLIMB started. And now 10 CLIMB locations and counting…

I’ll never forget our first Choose to Move race in 2013 again wondering if anyone would sign up and over 500 people participated. So many people rallied around their loved ones and showed their support. It was beautiful.

You see all these firsts wouldn’t have happened without God’s provision and abundant love. You were prayed over the very first time we met in my living room. We may have not known your name yet and we don’t know those who have yet to come to the CLIMB, all I know is “To God be the Glory”.

Together we are better! Please donate today and help us reach more people facing Parkinson’s Disease.

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