November 10, 2021 Posted by Kim Williams, Director of IPF BlogGiving TuesdayParkinson's Disease

Hope in a Hopeless Situation

Today’s story is that of many families that are tossed into the Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. Three years ago, my mother in law was traveling the world with my husband and our daughter enjoying life and making memories with very minor symptoms. My husband’s family has five sisters and a brother, and they were very quickly forced into making quick difficult decisions for their mother who was once very strong, living on her own and independent. These decisions had to be made about her health, safety and well-being during the pandemic.

Within months they were faced with placing her in a nursing home or taking care of her themselves with minimal experience and knowledge of how to do so. With people getting COVID in the nursing homes, the family changed work schedules, sacrificed time and money and made a tough choice to take care of their mother.

This transition was not easy and many mistakes were made up front and early on. It was difficult to come to agreements on care and schedules, but with the Indiana Parkinson Foundation, they were given hope in a hopeless situation and they have been able to access support and education to help them make informed decisions with IPF’s support.

-Written by a caring son in law, whose family has benefited from the programs and services we provide.



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