Written by: Marci Nolen Posted on: April 2, 2015 Blog: Reflections On How Far We Have Come

Reflections On How Far We Have Comeā€¦parkinsons-awareness-month.jpg

I was diagnosed with PD in March of 2006. I wasn't prepared for what my future might hold so I started looking for a way to connect with people who had the disease. Ultimately, I was lead to Indiana Parkinson Foundation and I am forever grateful for the physical, spiritual and community support I receive.

I was part of the November 2010 meeting at Noble Tea and Coffee when Joy Resetar, one of our trainers, put together our initial exercise outline for IPF's exercise program. I was with Don Waterman the day he named it "The Climb". I often reflect on our initial gathering at White River Christian Church and how much our program has progressed since then!

A couple of weeks ago trainers Deb Knapp and Kim Williams and Angie Fiely, mentoring student, spent an hour with me designing a special program to help with my lower back and neck; something our trainers are doing for all the PWPs! All of those years of experience they have working with people, their skill level and educational backgrounds are invaluable. How blessed we are to have such a talented group helping us with our daily battle against Parkinson's disease!

Don Schaefer, Noblesville CLIMBer


Don Waterman said:

on November 7, 2015 at 8:06pm

I would like to say how proud I am of all the PWP's, Trainers, Executive Director, Program Director, Support Staff and Executive Board. You have managed to come together to form an organization that serves those suffering with Parkinson's Disease. You offer an exercise program that is multifaceted so as to meet more of the needs of the PWP. In fact, it is personalized for each person to keep you as functional as possible, for as long as possible. All of this is done in an upbeat and safe environment filled with music, prayer, a genuine concern and respect for each other, and laughter. You are constantly educating and seeking new methods of treatment. Not only for the body, but also for the mind. I would welcome any one out there to visit any of our locations to see for yourself, and if you are too far away from our present locations, please inquire about how we can start one in your area. Don Waterman, Noblesville Climber

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